About this site

The message this site holds is surprising and hard to believe.You were always told that there is no way back, that you have to continue on the way once taken, whether you like it or not, that it is impossible to fly, that your whole life is a quest and yet you will never find, that there is no sense in asking why for you still will get no answer, that you will never understand yourself and your god because you and your god are inscrutable and that you have to resign yourself to it and you can only try to make the best of it. And so you did. You became a fellow player in the game you did not invent the rules for. You already sustained so many scars, you suffered pain and misery, but you thought it could not be done otherwise. Evidently, it is still possible and there is a way out of this valley of tears. All things have been told so many times, but people never listened.

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