The children

They show you what you ever were. Open-minded, whole, natural, harmless, spontaneous, contented, without past and future, not hindered by any knowledge, honest and shameless. And look the way they get crumpled in the process people call education. The way they become childish grown ups, saddled with the uncomprehended past of their educators. Dishonest, caught in their convictions, driven by their will, discontented, unfree, unnatural, contradictory, internally divided and lost in this self created crazy society. Always the children are the victims, everywhere they go into the same mist their parents live in. With the best intentions they expel the children from their paradises and they do not know what they do.The only thing children can learn from their parents is the way it should not be. But no one ever listenedto them although they are the example of the original man and the way he should be.